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[Ogre] New Years Eve Ogre Stomping

I celebrated the New Year by taking on an Ogre Mark V.

I chose 4 Howitzers, 4 GEVs, 4 Heavies, and 4 Missile Tanks.

The first turns of full on combat, I targeted his main batteries. At 3-1 odds, I was looking for anything but ones and twos on my die rolls. I took ’em both out.

The next turn I targeted two secondary batteries at the same odds and put the rest of the attack vs. treads. Again my luck held and I rolled above two both times. (Meanwhile the Ogre is rolling “No Effects” and “Disabled”.)

At this point, I decided to switch all fire against the treads. Other Howitzer players say that you should take out the missile racks in so that you can keep pounding him as long as possible. In my game, the fact that he still had missiles encouraged him to drive on straight up the middle so that he could use them. This meant that for several turns, all of my forces surrounded him and chewed him up.

When he was down to a single hex move per turn, I had only one Howitzer, one Missile Tank, one GEV, and one Infantry unit left. It turned out to be plenty of firepower for the job. The command post survived without a scratch.

I would have had a much harder time if my die rolls hadn’t been so lucky. I’ve never been a serious Ogre player, so this was my first win with the defense. Woo-hoo!

Happy New Year!!


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