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[FASA] The Case of the Missing ‘Mechs

I was pretty irritated waaay back when the Car Wars Compendium altered the VFRP so that it fired 6 1d rockets instead of 3 2d rockets. This invalidated dozens of old designs and ruined a perfectly good weapon. (Thankfully, the the 5th edition has set things right again.) I see now that this sort of thing is very minor compared to what the Battletech crowd has had to go through.

I noticed recently that they no longer sell the basic Battletech set with a set of plastic figures. I asked a miniatures buff about them and he told me about the Robotech lawsuit. As a consequence of it, all of those units have been erased from Battletech’s history. It’s just like Back to the Future.


(Hmmm…. So that’s why Battletech products no longer feature ‘mechs like the Warhammer and the Rifleman. What kind of ‘mech does Natasha Kerensky pilot now…? What does this do the old novels like Decision at Thunder Rift…?)

It’s really too bad. My favorite mechs to play include the Griffin, the Wolverine, the Battlemaster, and the Marauder. A lot of FASA’s other designs just look like walking boxes with missile ports on them. Oh well.

I still haven’t found any good information regarding FASA’s closing, but the following site outlines the missing mechs and also shows their precursors from the anime series:


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