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[FASA] Missing ‘Mechs Revisited

I guess it’s just as well that the “missing mechs” are gone. Although it’s hard for me to conceive of the Battletech universe without the units that appeared in the original 3025 catalogue (er, I mean, Technical Readout…), those original Mecha were the source of many an irritation.

The problem was that the design system seems to have been made first before the decision came out to use those licensed mecha images. You could not design the most of the mecha pictured in the 3025 Readout!!

A classic example is the Rifleman. If you look at the picture, it should have 4 humongous lasers. The design in the Readout specified two lasers and two autocannon. To make matters worse, the Rifleman couldn’t fire even two of his lasers without generating lots of extra heat…. Grrrr….

Then compare the Marauder to the Warhammer. The Warhammer’s PPC’s should be meaner and longer ranged. The autocannon on the Marauder should be much meaner than an AC/5. The Warhammer should have 6 monstrous single shot rockets– not to mention an extra pair of LRM/10s in the side torsos.

And speaking of rockets… where exactly are these mechs supposed to store all the reloads? From the pictures, the Archer should have at most one or two reloads. (Those are mighty big rockets in there….)

The problems go on and on. Robotech weaponry simply does not exist on the basic lists of the original BattleTech game. The ‘mechs look good… but their designs don’t really match their pictures. I guess it’s a good thing then that these Robotech mechs are being removed. Even though they were the Cannonical Mechs of the game for so long, they still don’t really fit with the Battletech idiom anyway!


One response to “[FASA] Missing ‘Mechs Revisited

  1. Stephen June 23, 2008 at 2:41 pm

    The whole battletech thing was so fantasy esque the fact these mechs were removed put me right off the game. The newer clan machines looked worse and even more flawed :-)

    For me the real attraction was the detailed universe surrounding the game, almost as much fun to read in its own right! However I disliked all the post 4th succession war stuff and the sudden abundnance of new/lost tech and the clans..

    The game system itself was rife with contradictions. Its fair to say mechs weren’t as effective as vehicles on a c-bill for c-bill basis and most of the game mechanics were deeply flawed (esp weapon ranges and effects) The only advantage to mechs seemed to be at an operational/strategic level because they could drop from space.

    However it was fun to play :-)

    It’s a great shame Fasa couldnt iron out the licensing problems. I have had mixed accounts of the chain of events and the proposed solutions..

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