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M-corps in 5th Edition Car Wars

Some state governments have been encouraging the establishment of M-corps (“militia-corporations”) in an attempt to use the AADA system to subsidize the creation of a new class of combat ready citizenry. City police and the highway patrol admit an inability to deal with large well-organized gangs. Military assistance from the Federal government is too infrequent to preserve the viability of in-state businesses. Proponents of the M-corp system believe that encouraging the formation of small autodueling corporations within the state will minimize the threat of gangs and stimulate economic growth.

First, an M-corp gathers 20 volunteers that must commit for at least two years. These duellists begin with base skills: Driver 0, Gunner 0. The M-corp then requests a grant from the state government. If approved, they receive an initial grant of $30,000. (Grant amounts may vary state to state.) The M-corp is obligated to assist the city police department in defending the town against gang attacks, but is free to invest the grant money in equipment and vehicles for arena events.

M-corps that remain profitable for three years (and that get good recommendations from their city) become eligible for Full Militia Status and a $70,000 militia grant. This money can be used to buy bigger and better vehicles and also to clone the more promising personnel. The state government, however, retains the option of calling these militias to assist in a coordinated attack on the gangs.

Because the M-corp system is so new, a state with 6 to 8 M-corps will probably have only one or two organizations that have acquired Full Militia Status. In addition to their grants, an M-corp also receives a variety of tax breaks and incentives. Some states require the cities attached to the M-corps to make a matching grants of 25%.

Each year, the state government awards a special $50,000 grant to the M-corp that has been the most profitable. The state uses this formula to determine profits:

Profits = (Total Cash Prizes from Arena Duels for the Year) – (Repairs Expenses Incurred by the Corporation in those Duels) – (Total Purchase Price of Corporate Vehicles Destroyed in those Duels)

Note that investments in vehicles and clones do not count against profits for the purposes of this grant. The state does not want to discourage such spending! Additionally, some states do not count expenses related to certain in-state industries such as certain specified ammo and weapons purchases.

M-corps often engage one another in team events with two or three cars to a side. These duels are staged at in-state arenas and are relatively friendly; they are, after all, training together in order to help combat the gang presence. Nevertheless, ratings for these events are high due to the number of spectacular deaths that occur because of the lack of experience among the team members.


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