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Wargame Software?

What I’m looking for is this:

It has to be a game that would make sense to a BattleTech/Car Wars/SFB player.

It has to be more like a table-game than a “real-time strategy” game– so there’s got to be some kind of turn system.

You need to be able to cook up your own maps and units somehow.

Even better would be something that’s not designed to do just historical war game type stuff, but to be good for doing something like the tongue-in-cheek sci-fi games that we all know and love.

Waaay back there was a game called Universal Military Simulator that was for the PC and the ST:

I had this program back in the day, but I couldn’t really make it do anything I felt was fun or interesting. It seemed to try to hard to come off as ‘serious’. The worst thing about it was that the rules were not very transparent– there were tons of numbers involved in any combat, but if you didn’t know how it worked, you couldn’t plan any strategies that made sense. It had a sequal that was even worse– it had details for battling on a global scale with windcurrents and weather patterns, but the huge amount of information seemed to suffocate the playability.

This leads us to the final requirement:

Ideally the rules should be easy to understand and easy to customize. Closer the ‘Ogre’ than SFB.

Does anything out there exist that is even close to what I’m looking for?


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