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Gaming Disasters… Part II

So months went by and I attempted to introduce Car Wars to my friends. I only got as far as pulling out a road section and pushing the counters around. “Vrrrroooomm! You see? And then they shoot at each other!”

Years went by and I bought the Deluxe edition, the Double Arena, East Midville, and… (trumpets sound!!) and Autoduel Quarterly. Those magazines were great. They were perfect for taking them to school and reading them in class. I remember reading the article on Corporate Autodueling during home room. Too cool! I had to have one! So I gave myself $100,000 and bought some cars. I got a Peregrin, a Rambler, and a Starhawk. (They just so happened to be the other vehicles in that issue.)

Those ADQ’s were so compact, you really could take them anywhere. I took that same issue on a camping trip along with my pocket box. Some of the other boys _really_ wanted to play. That was kind of scary to me because we didn’t have a table to play on. I finally succumbed and we played in a little sandy area. I got out my counters and showed them everything I knew: “Vrrrroooomm! You see? And then they shoot at each other!” Then the sun started to set and we couldn’t really play anymore. Oh well.

It was really fun. Well… at least until someone set a flaming hot pan on top of my magazine. Never leave your ADQ’s on top of a patrol’s cook box!


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