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I finally made it to The Compleat Strategiststore. Very nice! The had a yard or so of Star Fleet Battles material– they even had the latest module displayed out front– but I didn’t see any Car Wars or Battletech stuff.

They also had two huge shelves full of wargames. They all ran from 30 to 50 dollars or so, and not knowing the duds from the good ones, I didn’t buy any of them. The clerk was polite, but not very helpful– he was a “new breed” gamer that only knew about goofy rpg type stuff. Oh well. I was hoping to meet a Games Guru there….

I did pick up the latest issue of Strategy and Tactics. Great magazine!! The current issue covers German tactics at the end of WW1, Egypt after Napoleon left, and Japan’s invasion of Korea in the 1590’s. It came with a complete game, 1918, which covers Germany’s last push into France and Belgium in WWI. The rules are very interesting. They are only slightly more complex than Steve Jackson’s G.E.V., but they address things that aren’t often covered in the sci-fi games I’ve played.

Here’s their site.

[Update on 2/2/07: I did get around to playing the game in this magazine once and I blogged about it here.  The time commitment required for this game and the lack of a local historical wargaming network have led me to play shorter games like Ogre or simple games with a broader appeal like the new Axis and Allies.  I probably won’t be buying the magazine in the future unless I can somehow connect with a decent group of historical gamers.]


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