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Star Fleet Battles in Seattle

Wow, it’s great out here! Car pool lanes, sea food, great Chinese restraunts– and cars even stop for pedestrians. The weather’s great and there’s lots to see.

I got in one game of SFB at Gary’s Games. It’s a pretty nice store– a bit dumpier than The Compleat Strategist, though they did have a pretty good selection: a yard of SFB stuff and a good stock of Ogre material. The clerk was a little eccentric and didn’t seem to be a fount of knowledge when it came to historical wargames, but he was friendly and let us use the tables in the side room to play our games. (He didn’t allow us to eat or drink back there– and even though it was understandable, it still was inconvenient!)

The guy I played against was a pretty nice fellow. He was a programmer that worked with the same stuff that I do and probably the same age as me. He’d owned SFB and F&E type stuff all the way back to the Commander’s edition days of the mid 80’s. He’d never played much though, so he was excited to finally get down to business.

We broke out the Federation heavy cruiser and the Klingon D7 battlecruiser. I took the Klingons again, and we agreed to have a “plan vanilla” game of no refits, a floating map, and no Commander’s level rules such as mid turn speed changes.

After a few turns a few other SFB players showed up. One was an ADB contact that owned everything that had ever been published for the game. The other was a very competent player that happened to not frequent the message boards too much. Another slightly older fellow showed up, too. They were all on the whole a clean cut crowd, intelligent, and not too obnoxious (not like the creepy dudes playing Magic out front, anyway!!) I was glad to see them all together planning their next big get together. Hopefully a new gaming group will form out here….

My opponent didn’t overload his torps and really chewed me up in my attempts to “Sabre Dance.” His phaser-1’s cut down my rear shields and every time I turned away after firing my disruptors, he still managed to pull into range 8 and ruin my day. I came to the conclusion that I really don’t know beans about flying the Klinks– turning toward the Fed like I was doing was suicide!! I got some tips from the more experienced players there, so maybe next time….

(I conceded after 7 turns….)

I figure it takes at least 4 games to master the rules and tactics of a new game, so hopefully I’m half way there on getting the hang of that D7. We’ll see. The Fed ended up right on the corner of two shields several times, so the importance of that particular rule was drilled into me. Also, I didn’t fire my drone rack again in this game. I really ought to do that. I felt it was pointless because it was only speed 8 drones. Still, if the Fed flys around them, that still means he’s not closing the distance so much– and even if he shoots it, that’s one phaser shot I don’t have to eat!

Ah well…. The next game will be better, I promise!


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