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Ogre Action!

Last Friday we also got in a game of Ogre just before crashing.  Ogre is a great pick for those late night impromtu “just one more” gaming situations.  GEV is less appropriate because of the intricate calculations required for movement and attack accross the various terrain types.  Car Wars is right out– you’re liable to abandon the game by the time you get the vehicle sheets drawn up and the arena set up.  Nevermind the fact that 3 AM is just the wrong time to be reviewing crash table and ramming rules.  Of course, it would be different if you’d been playing GEV or Car Wars all afternoon, then you’d already be up to speed and all you have to do is keep going.  Ogre is quick to set up, and if you’ve played it before, all you have to do is review a couple of key points and you’re ready to go.

We played the standard Mark III game.  I chose 5 GEVs, 3 Missile tanks, and 4 Heavy tanks.  I set up my usual formation for the infantry– 4 “3’s” and 4 “2’s.”  I didn’t agonize over my set up, though I did place a Heavy and a couple of missile tanks at the far end of the map along with my GEV formation.

He started the game with a missile attack against my GEVs taking out two of them.  My opponent _hates_ GEVs!!  He hates my heavy tanks, too, and he rammed them just about every chance he got as he barrelled down the board.  He didn’t go straight in the whole time, but went sideways once or twice in order to eliminate irritations– much the the chagrin of the missile tanks that were flanking him on either side.

By the time he crossed the fold, he was down to 2 hexes of movement.  I had dedicated all of my fire towards treads once I had killed his main battery and half of his secondaries.  The decisive moment of the game occured when he went two hexes _away_ from the cp in order to ram a Heavy that was trailing him.  Though I only had one GEV and two Missile tanks after that, it was enough to allow me to immobilize the Ogre before he could kill the command post.

This was the first time that I had won a decisive victory against the Ogre without using the 4 howitzer defense.  I’m sure my opponent will make it harder for me next time– he’ll think twice before he sacrifices forward movement to make attacks like that again.  I’m pretty sure that he would have taken down the CP if he hadn’t gone backwards at the end.  I normally take 6 GEVs in this game, but I think trading a GEV for a Heavy was a big help to my defense.


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