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Boardwalk and Parkplace: The End of an Era

I went to the gaming store of my youth this past weekend.  Nosing around I found a slightly dented Boat Wars boxed set with the plastic half ripped off.  They did have a few historical war games– less than either of Gary’s Games and The Compleat Strategist– and maybe about a foot of older looking BattleTech stuff.  Over by the miniatures section there was a small crate of marked down stuff.  Inside were a baker’s dozen of SFB modules at more than half off.

The store was pretty busy.  It took a while to get the manager’s attention.  I’ve been buying games from his store for twenty years.  A few of the games that I got into were because of his suggestion– and that includes the Star Fleet Battles “doomsday” Basic Set.  But gone are the days when Car Wars, SFB, and Battletech had places of honor on their own racks.  [Wistful sigh.]

I explained to the manager that Boat Wars had been on his shelf for 15 years and that it was beat up to boot.  I’d picked out several SFB products, too: The Tactics Manual, The Campaign Designer’s Handbook, Module T 2000, J2, and Y1.  He offered to let me have them all for 35 dollars and also to let me take the rest of the SFB stuff for another even 35.  (The second stack included Omega 1, Omega 2, R1, R2, C3, and several Captain’s Logs including the really cool “Return of the Hood” issue.)

There’ve been few store managers as nice and as knowledgeable as this guy.  He still has a brand new copy of R10 over in with the BattleTech stuff, and also some Prime Directive and Traveller stuff over in the GURPS section.  I was glad for the deal, but sorry that there’d probably be no more Car Wars and SFB stuff to buy there in the future.


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