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Boat Wars– The Great Big Cardboard Box Version

So this is what was I missing for all those years:

** Two (yeah!) zip loc baggies.  (You never can get enough of those!)

** The same counter sheets that appeared in the “pocket box” version

** An extra large counter sheet that contains a second of the aforementioned counter sheets with an extra sheet melded onto the top featuring lots of sharks and scuba divers.  (It was disappointing to get dupes in the set.  If only they had gotten Denis Loubet to do a full sized page!  The countersheets did include one double sided turning key and two single sided turning keys– you can never have enough of those.)

** A yellow ADQ subscription flyer featurning art from the highway duelling issue.

** A 1991 SJG Catalogue featuring remarks from Steve on how they were recovering from the Secret Service attack.  (Man, that guy obviously played waaay too much Illuminati.)  GURPS Supers, Psionics, and Martial Arts were the flagship products of the day.

** A somewhat skimpy rules manual that is more or less a draft of what ended up in the Compendium.

** FOUR mamba jamba geomorphic color water maps with topo lines for islands.

For completists, there was one little surprise.  Just like the trucker slang from Truck Stop and the superhero rules from Autoduel Champions never made it into Deluxe Car Wars, Boat Wars includes one page of rules for the shark and duck counters that  were included with the set. 

Which reminds me, one thing I’d like to see is a REAL Car Wars Compendium that really includes everything that was ever done for the game and that points out the differences between each of the different editions.  IIRC, the Compendium omitted such important items as the flak jacket and the tool kit.  Who do they think they’re fooling, really?! 

The most surprising thing about this supplement was the fact that there was no background material and no scenarios.  That just doesn’t make sense to me.  Chopper Challenge was half the size of this thing and it had about a half dozen scenarios.  There really ought to have been a scenario featuring the gigantic shark counter that was included.  If anyone has any ideas for scenarios using Boat Wars, please let me know.  As far as I know, the only scenarios I have from ADQ are Hoverball and Black Gold Blues– but they don’t use the Boat Wars animals or maps of course.


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