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Car Wars Evolution: Handling & Driver Skill

Pocket Box / Zip-loc Baggie Edition (1981)

(p 3) Your vehicle’s Handling Class is equal to its base design HC plus a bonus of up to 2 for your reflex roll at the start of the game.  Note that you can loose your reflex bonus if your driver is injured!

(p 6) Your Handling Track is reset at the end of each turn.

(Control Table)  If you fail a control roll, you simply roll 2d6 1d6, add a speed modifier, and check the appropriate Crash Table.

Deluxe Edition (1986)

(p 10)  Handling Class is determined as above, but a vehicle can have a maximum HC of 5 and a minimum HC of -3.

(p 9)  The Handling Track is not reset at the end of each turn, but is rather bumped up an amount equal to the vehicle’s base HC (not including reflex roll bonuses!) plus the driver skill.  It is adjusted upward by at least 1 if this total is negative.

(p 9)  Crash table rolls are determined as above.

GURPS Autoduel first edition (1986)

(p 48)  There is no Handling Track!  The first maneuver of the turn is made by rolling against the Driver skill.  The second is at -2.  The third is at -4.

(p 51)  Note that there are not two crash tables (one for maneuvers and one for hazards) as in classic Car Wars.

(p 50)  If you fail your driver skill roll, you roll one die and add the amount by which you missed your roll.  If you had made a critical failure by rolling a 17 or 18, then you roll two dice instead.  This determines the crash table entry you use.

(p 46)  Also note that phased movement is not used in this edition.  A sidebar suggests adopting the 10 phase movement chart from classic Car Wars.  Also note that the sequence of play is determined by each character’s move score– vehicle speed is no longer the key factor in determining movement order!

The Car Wars Compendium (1989)

(p 7)  HC was determined as in the Deluxe edition, but the maximum HC was increased to 7.  [I presume this killed the HC 9’s that were advertised for Dueltrack??]

(p 5)  The Handling Track is adjusted at the end of the turn just like the Deluxe edition.

(p 9)  Crash table rolls are determined as in the Deluxe edition with a 2d6 roll, but you also get to subtract your driver skill.

The Car Wars Compendium Second Edition (1990)

(p 5)  HC is determined as in the first Compendium.

(p 5)  The Handling Track is adjusted as in the first Compendium.

(p 10)  Crash table rolls are determined as in the first Compendium, but you also add the difficulty of the maneuver or hazard!  Note that this rule more or less cancels out the bonus for driver’s skill that was given in the first Compendium.

(p 6)  A new rule is added that says that weapons that are fired on the same phase as a maneuver subtract the “D” from the roll.

Fifth Edition (2002)

(p 3)  In a bold gesture, HC is now determined by adding the vehicle’s base HC to the driver skill.  No more reflex rolls!!

(p 3)  The vehicles Handling Status is simply reset at the end of each turn— just like the pocket box edition.

(inside front cover)  A streamlined flow chart replaces the two seperate Crash Tables of classic Car Wars.  Driver skill has no bearing on the rolls here– you just add your speed modifier, plus 4 if you are on ice, and plus 2 if you are on oil.


Also, please note my previous post on the development of the Sequence of Play.

 [Updated to fix errors and links. 1/30/07]


4 responses to “Car Wars Evolution: Handling & Driver Skill

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  2. Michael Miller January 31, 2007 at 8:15 am

    Don’t forget that in the CWC2 you subtract three from all crash table rolls.

  3. jeffro February 5, 2007 at 4:47 pm

    (I just saw your comment in the spam filter; don’t why you got marked as an evil one….)

    That sounds weird… if you subtract three every time, you’d think they would change the crash table or retool the modifiers on the speed chart.

    I gotta look this up…

  4. Kenneth August 22, 2007 at 4:13 pm

    Just a short note to say I like your blog.

    Good job and keep up the great work!


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