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One for the Road…

The Calamari: a versatile workhorse for the highways of the 2040’s. 

Station Wagon, extra heavy chassis, heavy suspension, large power plant with Superconductors, 4 Solid tires, Driver, Passenger, RL with AP rockets in universal turret, RL with AP rockets front, smartlink, SD (explosive spikes) left linked to SD (explosive spikes) right, link from spikes to turret, HD shocks, HRSWC.  Cargo Capacity: 7 spaces, 500 lbs.  Armor: F 38, R 27, L 27, B 35, T 30, U 20, 2 10 point wheel guards back, 2 10 point armored wheel hubs front.  Acceleration 5, Top Speed 95 (without cargo), Top Speed 90 (with cargo), HC 3, 6,600 lbs, $23,190.

Personal Equipment: 2 PFE’s, 2 BA’s, 1 Heavy AV rifle, 2 tear gas grenades, 2 explosive grenades.  Adds $1,810 to cost, totaling to $25,000.

[This design is built according to rules in the Compendium Second Edition.]


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