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Sometimes Missed Control Rolls Can Be a Good Thing

[Exerpted from Jeffro’s ultra-brief interviews by email series.  Scott Haring was editor of ADQ, developed Deluxe Car Wars, and co-wrote GURPS Autoduel first edition.]

Jeffro:  I noticed the other day that you were listed as being a part of the first Car Wars playtest back before the first edition was released. How did you get involved with that?  What was it like?  Did “Kong” kill your car?

Scott Haring:  When Steve and Chad were playtesting Car Wars, I was just out of college, working at a newspaper in a little town about 50 miles south of Austin called New Braunfels. I knew Steve when we were both in college, and I got invited to Friday night playtests.

I don’t recall ever playing with “Kong”; his glory was earned at some local conventions I didn’t go to. The best thing that happened to me in playtest was when I was getting the hell blown out of me and was trying to make it to an arena exit. I had already lost my power plant, so I was at a fixed deceleration and could no longer steer, plus I was on fire. That, and I was going to miss the exit gate — until somebody trying for the kill took one last shot at me and caused me to fishtail into a new direction that took me straight throught the open gate and to sweet survival. I got voted bonus prestige for incredible luck for that move.


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