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Blown Away

Got a game of Car Wars and a game of Ogre in last Saturday.

We played in the Dumbarton Slalom (from Expansion Set #5 Double Arena) with a couple of souped up hotrods.  We traded a few shots and ended up both flipping over and rolling into the wall during the same second.  It seems that going over 100 mph is dangerous in this environment….  Ah well the game served as a chance to brush up on the classic Compendium 2.0 rules.  And we still had time for a game of Ogre after that.

I played two games with my opponent on a previous evening.  When I played the Ogre, he sent his defenders at me in two waves out from under their howitzer umbrella.  I gobbled ’em up and then ‘forked’ two howitzers with a double missile attack.  (I’d given him an extra howitzer, too, because it was his first game.)  Then I took a turn as the defense and showed him what 5 heavy tanks could do.  I think he hung back and fought me when he needed a bit more forward momentum and I ate him up.

At this point I was afraid he’d never play again after losing twice.  It turns out he got his revenge.  He found my blog and then read up on my tactics!

In our third game, he showed me what 5 heavy tanks could do.  Things were going well at first.  I still had 3 mp’s even after getting over the crease in the middle of the map.  I dove on down the map to take out his GEV’s.  He had nothing left except 4 heavies, a missile tank, and infantry.  I figured I could make it to the cp before he stopped me, so I didn’t hang back to take out some of his teeth.  His infantry and tanks turned out to have withering firepower.  I made it to range 2 before he crushed me.  If I could have survived one more turn my AP guns could have taken the cp out….

It was rough seeing my own tactics turned against me– but at least I will learn some new things if this guy gets a few more games in with me.

Crashed and burned two times in one night….  Maybe next time…


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