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Dumbarton Slalom Action!

We played a marathon 10 hour CAR WARS session this past Sunday.  We started at 1:30.  We finished prepping our designs for an hour, reviewed the trickier rules for half an hour or so, and then started the event.  We played nonstop until 10:30 with the exception of a short snack break and then followed up with the final book keeping and skill point awards.

We played a criss-cross slalom event at Dumbarton.  Each side had six cars of varing price values: one division 5, one division 10, one division 15, one division 20, one division 25, and one division 30.  Special rules were no dropped weapons of any kind and no ramplates.  Any piece of equipment from Compendium 2e was fine.  Flamethrowers could fire foward in this game, but did not produce smoke screens.  Each side could have as many 30 point characters as they wanted to make for up to two occupants for each vehicle.

The standard rules for Dumbarton allowed for a stalemate, so we changed the cash awards system.  Winning duelist still scored 25% of the pot for his team, but the remaining money would be split up by percentage based on the total points scored in the duel.  Points are scored 10 for first place, 9 for second, 8 for third, etc….  Divide your team’s points by the total of both teams’ points to determine your share of the remaining 75% of the prize money.  These rules allow a team the chance to completely shut out another if they can prevent them all from finishing.  They also award more money to the loser in closer events.  The prize money awarded to the team is the teams final score.  It is possible for a team to not have the winning driver, but still win the match.

My design strategy was to make sure all my vehicles had acceleration 10.  My division 5 car had no weapons.  10 and 15 were sloped compacts with point defense  grenades.  20, 25, and 30 mounted turreted RL’s smart linked to front firing RL’s.  I equiped my cars with HD Shocks wherever I could and put spoilers and airdams on all of them.  I also had guards and hubs… and got steelbelted solids wherever I could afford them.  My 25 and 30 had gunners so that I could specialize my skill purchases.

My opponent opted for acceleration 5 ‘tanks’ with heavy firepower and heavier armor.  (Eeep!)

My vehicles sped into the arena quickly moving up to 80 mph.  My opponents tanks lumbered into the second drum of the arena a half inch appart while mine sped in at an inch apart.  My lead car (Div 30) T-boned his second-to-last car.  (If I had come in at 60 mph, I might have avoided that… that was a major mistake I think.)  My front armor was gone and I was going at half speed now.  My opponent’s lead car maneuvered wildly to get off an a good shot or two and lost control.  One of my opponent’s cars launched laser guided heavy rockets which missed completely.  My smallest car (bringing up the rear) caught fire and rolled out the “safety” doors just barely in time to rescue the driver’s life.  (He’ll suffer from major burns all over his body and will take weeks to recover.)

My Div 30 car braked to 30 mph to stay out of my following vehicles.  After the dust settled, I had 4 of my cars completing a lap near my opponent’s starting gates while he had 4 vehicles crossing the center of the map.  (We were both shocked at what a difference acceleration 10 made!)  One of my opponent’s cars was struggling to accelerate up from zero, while another tailed my Division 30 car looking for trouble!  All in all, I came out better than I expected after the first pass.  I felt I had the game in the bag at this point– especially if I could concentrate my firepower on two of my opponent’s vehicles taking them 4 to 1 in succession.

Amazingly, my opponent rolled snake eyes TWICE while shooting his HD ammo autocannon.  My cars took out one of his tires and did enough armor damage that he ended up leaving the field.  My four cars sped back into the second drum where my opponents car had turned and waited to snipe at me.  He fired another pair of laser guided HR’s at me… one of which missed!  We in turn took out his two front tires and sped on past the center of the map.  My Div 30 car had taken so much damage, he could not expect to survive a second pass and so parked and awaited a chance to snipe at any enemy cars.

My opponent’s 4 cars then turned an split into two groups of two cars– blocking BOTH choke points!  They slowed to speed zero and awaited my 4 remaining cars.  I was shocked by this move, and fully expected to lose the game to his concentrated firepower.

My lead car took a withering spread of firepower, reducing his handling status so much he could not hope to make the turn into the final choke point and leaving obstacles to irritate my following vehicles.  He continued towards the enemy to get one last shot off before diving into the safe zone.  His wingman barreled into the enemy at 90 mph hoping for a devasting ram.  The combined firepower of my two lead cars took out two tires on one of my opponent’s cars.  The ram barely dented the paint my opponent’s heavily armored car.  My car was so damaged, he could not hope to survive another pass, so he left the arena– probably on fire….

This left my opponent with three driveable cars to my two.  My two sloped compacts (Div 10 and Div 15) both had rolled well on their reflex rolls and blew in at 80 mph with handling stats of 6 each.  I thought at first that all was lost, but when I noted the speed modifiers and how well armored my cars were, I had hope for making winning driver with at least one of my cars.

My lead compact zipped around the obstacles for an 80 mph ram against my oppenent’s Div 5 car– this splatted the enemy driver and made way for my Division 10 car to barrel through.  The enemy fired everything he had at the tires of my two compacts and everything missed.  (Thank you speed mods!!)

They zipped around the final bend and crossed the finish line just as 30 seconds of game time had elapsed.  (Whew!)  My cars took first and second place… while my opponent took third and forth.  That gave me 19 team points to his 15.

Unbelievable!  I had just barely eeked out a victory after being positive I had lost it.  My nerves were frayed, but I was very satisfied with how everything had turned out.  My opponent and I left the game with a new respect for fire extinguishers, metal armor, and speed modifiers.


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