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Amateur Night!

We didn’t have a lot of time to play this past Sunday, but we went for it anyway.  We played an Amateur Night scenario with 4 stock Stingers on the board.  Each one had linked MG’s firing forward, but we could all arrange the armor however we wanted.  There was only two of us, so we each played our new characters and each played an “NPC.”  We decided to have all four cars go in at once, but they’d pair off and duel seperately until each of the initial individual duels had been resolved– but we’d keep secret which cars contained our ‘real’ characters.

I opted to put most of my armor to the front.  My character rolled a 6 for reflexes, so he had an HC of 6.  We all entered the arena at 20 mph and accelerated up to 50 as soon as we could.  I closed with my opponent who was just pulling around a TV bunker.  We traded fire, and as he turned off, I T-boned him.  The ram ate up a lot of my front armor… but he had put most of his armor to the side, so I didn’t get much out of the exchange.  My car slowed to 25 mph or so.  I used my low speed to turn around quickly, then accelerated to tailgate him.  He couldn’t shake me.  I built up a fair continuous fire bonus and damaged the side I’d rammed some more.  He pulled around the TV bunker again to break up my fire bonus, but I stayed on him.  We then sped across the arena toward another bunker.  Firing at his rear spared me most of the speed modifiers and I discovered that he was lightly armored there.  He broke my continuous fire bonus again by going around the bunker, but I managed to hit him with a single MG anyway.  The driver died, but I could not salvage the wreck because there was nothing left after his car rammed the wall.

On the other side of the arena, my NPC car sped around another bunker as his opponent beared down on him.  We traded fire and not much happened.  We passed each other, and my opponent skidded as he tried to turn around to tail me.  This did 2 points of damage to each of his 6 DP tires, much to his chagrin.  I circled the bunker again and as I came out, I still failed to get into a good firing position.  He probably nicked my armor a little and I continued to accelerate in order to get towards the opposite side of the arena.  My HC for this car was only a 4, so it was much harder to position my car.  I turned to come back toward my opponent.  I was going 90 while he was only going 50 or so.  We closed for our head on point blank pass and I made a fatal mistake.

We’ve been playing that each phase, movement is resolved first.  The faster car goes first, then the slower car.  After movement is done for the phase, there is a fire phase that’s technically secret and simultaneous.  We play that any maneuvers done in the phase make a penalty to-hit equal to the ‘D’ value for all shots made in the subsequent fire phase.  Any hazards incured due to weapons fire apply their penalty to the next phase’s fire phase.  In most of our duels, there seems to be little need for ‘secret’ fire because the moment fire is exchanged is usually simultaneous anyway.  Also, weapons fire hazards have yet to inflict their penalties, though the maneuver penalty forces a lot of hard decisions to be made.

Anyway, my car moved its two inches of movement and then my opponent moved his one inch.  He could get a point blank shot while I couldn’t fire at all!  DOH!  He insisted that I not be allowed to take back the move, so I swallowed hard and waited to see what would happen.  He shot at my side armor, and barely damaged my power plant.  He then rolled a two on a single die– my car was on fire!  I had no fire extinguisher and I’d never even gotten a good shot off at my opponent.  Grrrr.

I braked as much as I dared and bailed out.  The rules seemed to indicate that I would have taken little or no damage… so I was alive with full body armor and only one hit of fire damage on my pedestrian.  I fired at my opponents weak tires uselessly as he sped off to face my ‘real’ car.

As the two ‘finalist’ vehicles made their pass, they exchanged fire.  My opponent needed 10’s to hit.  He rolled a 10 and an 11.  I still had 7 points of armor there even after the ram I’d done previously… but he rolled a 12 for damage!  This took out one MG and left the other with only a single DP.  (!)  We sped past each other, circled the bunker for a second pass.  I decided to gamble on a tire shot.  I think I needed 9’s or 10’s or something.  “The gods of luck seem to be with you today, ” I said– and then missed.  His damaged destroyed my remaining MG and damaged my power plant slightly with a single hit… but I at least didn’t catch fire.

As we passed each other, I opted for a sideswipe.  The damage nearly took out my power plant, but I was still hanging on.  My opponent soaked it up easily as again, this vehicle’s best armor was on the side.  Nineteen seconds of game time had passed at this point, and I headed for the wall to guard my weak side.  I accelerated to 100, hoping that I could last another ten seconds so that I could at least escape when the gates opened again at the thirty second mark.

My opponent killed the pedestrian that had been shooting at him and closed in for his last chance at a second kill.  My speed was too much… and his insane luck was no longer with him.

My character ended up with 3 skill points in Driver, 2 skill points in Gunner, and 1 skill point in Handgunner.  I had my first kill and three prestige points.  My Stinger as barely driveable, but the MG’s were destroyed, the Power Plant had take 4 hits, and the armor had taken 26 hits (20 to the front and 6 to the right with armor normally being F20 L6 R6 B6.)  I also had an SMG with 7 shots left. 

My opponent’s character ended up with 2 skill points in Driver, 6 in Gunner, and 1 in Handgunner.  He had one kill and 5 prestige points.  His Stinger was in nearly mint condition.  The MG’s had 12 shots left and the armor had taken only 17 points of damage (5 to the front and 12 to the right with armor normally being F9 L13 R13 B5.)  He also had an SMG with 4 shots, an SMG with 9 shots, and a set of Body Armor.

It had taken three hours to play out the duel.  Our characters didn’t earn all that much in this duel.  Maybe they’ll have more to show for it if they play a more expensive set of cars next time… IF they live through it, anyway….


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