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Not a lot of gaming going on lately, but we seem to sneak some in every now and then.

I’ve played several games of Final Frontier, but now my opponent wants to run a Bladerunner / Max Headroom / Steel Beach type of science fiction role playing game.  Changing from a dry mini-game to a potentially 7 person free-for-all will be quite a change….

I’ve finally played Settlers on Catan!  It’s basically a more refined and very well engineered M.U.L.E. sort of game.  It’s especially nice how you can still play even when it’s not your turn.  Every piece, rule, and hex on the board fits so elegantly together….  Wonderful!  The only downside is the playing time can go from three to four hours and also you need at least four players.

I finally found a game my wife would play: Syberia.  Being a non-competitive story driven type of adventure game is what made it appeal to my wife.  At first she would play until she got stuck then let me painstakingly check each room for missed objects and clues.  It would occasionally take half an hour or more to get unstuck… but we always found new things to do each time we played.  By the end of the game, my wife was the one getting us unstuck!  We played an hour or three every night for two weeks.

Syberia is fairly easy as far as the puzzles go.  The “end-boss” for each section of the game is a variation of the classic Flood Control Dam puzzle from Zork I.  Some of the dialogue is a bit rough (The rhetorical question “Get the picture?” comes out as a command :”Get the picture!”) and there are several little things that I felt should be fixed.  I wish there was some way I could go through the game with a red pen to mark them!  In spite of this, the game was engrossing– we just couldn’t put it down.  Lotsa fun!


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