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The Wolverine– Built Fnord Tough!

You’ve seen Derran Mcgwire stomp the Southeastern Division 20 circuit in his infamous Wolverine–  now you can experience the power of triple recoiless rifle satisfaction for yourself.  Obliterate the competition with this unbelievable bargain!

WOLVERINE.  Luxury; x-hvy chassis, hvy. suspension, super power plant, solid tires, driver, passenger.  Armor F 30, R 30, L 30, B 30, T 15, U15.  Mounts three linked RR’s front; MG, PS, and SD back.  Carries fire extinguisher and targeting computer.  HC 3; acceleration 5 mph.  Weight 6,550 lbs; costs $20,000.

[Notes:  This vehicle was built with just the rules from the original pocket box Car Wars.  In the original AADA Vehicle Guide, only one Luxury design (“The Moose”) had the maximum 6 spaces of weaponry pointing in a single arc.]


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