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Kane Motors Marshall– It’s Dynamite!

Carry that load with class– and protect it with triple machineguns in a full 360 degree arc.  The Marshall: a no nonsense hauler at a price that can’t be beat.  And if you’re expecting an unusally nasty amount of trouble, check out our standard options for an extra 1200 pounds of rocket power.

MARSHALL.  Van; x-hvy chassis, hvy suspension, super power plant, 6 solid tires.  Armor F 20, R 15, L 15, B 20, T 20, U 10.  Mounts 3 linked MGs in turret.  Carries fire extinguisher.  19 cargo spaces.  Maximum cargo load 1200 lbs.  HC 2, acceleration 5 mph.  Weight 6,000 lbs; cost $19,950.

“Slugfest” Option — Add 5 linked RLs back each with 8 shots of ammo.  Hi-res Computer.  No cargo.  Weight 7,200 lbs; cost $30,350.

“Broadside” Option — Add 6 linked HRs right and 6 linked HRs left.  Targeting Computer.  No cargo.  Weight 7200 lbs; cost $23,350.

[Note: this vehicle was designed with just rules and equipment from the original Car Wars and Truck Stop pocket box games.  I built it to be a no-frills $20,000 road car that fills out the range of concepts presented in the original AADA Vehicle Guide.]


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