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The Grendel… from Linden Motors

The Grendel is a small bus built for short runs through extremely dangerous areas.  Passenger space is sacrificed for extra weaponry.  Twin ATG’s make this bus a nightmare to have on your tail, while minedroppers make it a foe best not followed.  With 4 turret mounted RRs, there’s really no good arc of fire to in which to engage this monster.  Perhaps its only weakness is its relatively light armor.

GRENDEL.  30′ bus; extra-heavy chassis; regular truck power plant; 10 solid tires.  Armor F 30, B 30, FR 30, BR 30, FL 30, BL 30, FT 25, BT 25, FU 20, BU 20.  Turrets with linked RRs front and back; two linked ATGs front; MD back linked to MD back left linked to MD back right.  Driver plus gunner; each have hi-res computers.  7 passengers, 1 extra cargo space with up to 210 lbs.  Weight 18, 990 lbs. (full); price $80,050.

[Note: this vehicle was designed only with rules and equipment from the original Car Wars and Truck Stop pocket box games.  Drop one shot of MD ammo to meet the $80,000 price limit for the Pack Attack scenario from Truck Stop.]


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