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Speak softly and carry a big Gatling Canon

The Cretan 420 is a limited run concept car that appeared at the 2042 Combat Showcase.  It raised eyebrows in its day, and was the subject of more than its share of footage of spectacular flaming explosions.  Today it is something of a collector’s item and autodueling connoisseurs are willing to pay incredible sums for them.

Mid-sized, x-hvy chassis, hvy suspension, 150 cid engine, 5 gallon duel tank with 5 gallons of gas, 4 solid tires, driver, Gatling Canon spinal mounted front with 10 rounds of HD ammo, PS back, spoiler, airdam, HD shocks, SWC.  Armor (Metal/Plastic): F 15/30, R 0/30, L 0/30, B 0/30, T 0/12, U 0/12, 2 10 point Armored Wheel Hubs front, 2 10 point Wheelguards back.  Accel. 5, Top Speed 60 mph, 5,697 lbs, $24,204.

For Division 25 dueling, take Body Armor, a Portable Fire Extinguisher, a Sub-machine Gun and a Grenade.  (Brings total cost to $24,999.)

[This vehicle was designed with Compendium 2e rules.  It uses the Gatling Cannon from Aeroduel and the Spinal Mount rules from the “Evil Stevie Returns” article in ADQ 10/4.  The GC gives a D2 hazard each time it is fired, but the HD shocks bring it down to a mere D1 hazard.  This maneuverable car packs a big punch and can take a lickin’, but it’s slow and vulnerable to incendiary attacks.  But really… who brings incendiary weapons to Division 25 when fireproof armor is so affordable?  And do you really need to go so fast when your weapons give you a hazard every turn?!] 


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