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Tired of not being taken seriously because you’re riding on a mere 2 wheels?  Don’t worry– times are changing.  When that chip on your shoulder turns out to be a pair of heavy rockets, folks will be pulling to the right to let you cruise on by.  The Psycho… a perilous cycle for perilous times.  Test drive one today at your local Cycle Concepts dealer.

PSYCHO.  Heavy cycle, large cycle power plant, hvy. suspension, PR tires.  Armor F 18, B 15.  Mounts one MG with 10 shots of ammo and two linked HRs front.  HC 2, acceleration 10 mph.  Weight 1,298 lbs.; costs $5,196.

[This cycle was built with just the original pocket box edition of Car Wars.  Five of these little thugs can take on a four wheeler in the classic Pack Attack scenario.  Just take along 5 sets of body armor, 10 grenades, one SMG, and two targeting computers.]


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