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“This was about average for my gang….”

“The bike I rode had a front armor weight of 180 pounds; it could stop blasts from twin Vulcans, and often did.  My bike had a vulcan mounted front and a smokescreen rear; this was about average for my gang.”

 — Fred Wolke, Bethel CT, ADQ 4/1

Hephaestus — Heavy cycle with CA frame, hvy suspension, medium cycle plant with superconductors, 2 PR tires, cyclist, VMG with 10 shots of ammo front, SS back.  Armor: F 30, B 7, two 9 point cycle wheelguards, 10 points CA around power plant, 10 points CA around SS.  Acceleration 10, Top Speed 120 mph, weighs 1,298 lbs, costs $10,124.

[I don’t think CA frames or half-space cycle component armor was available back when Fred wrote his letter, but maybe he had some sources on the black market that I don’t know about.  Anyways, this design was built with the Compenium 2e rules just to see if it could be done.  Does it make sense for a gang to be riding around in $10,000 cycles?  Not sure about that, but  if that’s average… then there’s some dudes riding around on 15 to 20 grand worth o’ hog!]

[Edited 3/22/06 to correct a design error.]


One response to ““This was about average for my gang….”

  1. jp August 8, 2007 at 2:18 pm

    It’s pretty lame of me to make a comment on an ancient post, but for me, it’s new!

    Anyways, he technically was right. He said he could stop an average VMG hit to the face. Average = 7 points of damage!

    Your cycle could take about 4 average VMG hits.

    Love your blog btw, your previous post made me die! (Really, I’m just a GHOST now).

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