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GURPS Vehicles for 4e

This producted is slated for release on e23… sometime in the future.  The playtest is complete and David Pulver is working on a second draft now.  It will be edited by Scott Haring– you know, that fellow that put together Deluxe Car Wars, and the vehicle rules for GURPS Autoduel 1e, and that edited Autoduel Quarterly for about 4 years.

I’m really curious how well this product will do vehicle combat of course.  It seems that RPG’s are a niche market… and people that like design systems are a niche within that niche… and people that actually like to play out combats with their designs are an even smaller niche of the second niche that is a niche of the first niche.  Capice?

But there are some good ideas about vehicles in GURPS 4e Campaigns….  I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes in the new Vehicles book.


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