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2031: Nasty Cycle Tactics and Their Remedies

My thoughts have been on the original Pocket Box and the cycle Pack Attack scenario lately.  (Keep in mind that dropped weapons only fired once per second even when on automatic back in that day….)  Just consider this a retrospective on dueling tactics of 2031….

The Last Refuge of the Honour-less

In the arena… targeting tires is a pretty wimpy tactic.  That such an act is dishonourable should mean nothing to the typical biker scum sort, of course.  Besides… you need to salvage the kill and too many hits on the internals can ruin the take.  Seeing as cycles attack from behind and also that there’s no Wheel Guards available in the original pocket box, a six-wheeled chassis and solid tires are the only deterrent against this cravenly and despicable tactic.

Close Only Counts…

If your cycles have particularly good acceleration, you might try sending a couple of cycles on a flyby if the mark is going particularly slow for whatever reason.  Consider tossing grenades for a good chance of taking out more than one tire at a time and/or quickly knocking out the tires that have been damaged by the rearguard.  Of course… if your flyby’s are acceleration 15 and armed with minedroppers, that wouldn’t hurt too much, either….  If the car could mount AP flechette grenades, this probably won’t work very well… but remember… those nifty little items weren’t available in 2031!

The Three Amigos

Your cycles can be dropped with just a couple of good hits, depending on your armor.  Your cycles probably can’t afford hi-tech targeting gear while your opponent in the fancy car probably can.  How can you even this up?

Attack with a lead formation of three cycles.  As soon as he starts shooting at your cycles, have the target of the enemy fire brake while his two buddies accelerate.  If the target dies, this helps keep your lead cycles from having to swerve around him.  On the next turn, your two lead cycles pick up a bonus for sustained fire… and the target can cancel out the 4-wheeler’s sustained fire by increasing the range.  If the target survives the following turn, send him directly behind one of the lead cycles in order to break the car’s sustained fire bonus altogether.  Get ready to repeat this process when he targets another one of your cycles.

To counter this tactic, a road car should carry a gunner and have at least two weapon systems that can fire to the rear.  Of course, if your were running a cycle gang… you probably wouldn’t take on vehicles that had six-wheeled chassis and a gunner, now would you??


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