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The Mitsui Convergence

Finally– a car that suits your individuality and style.  For the duellist that isn’t satisfied with anything less than the best, we provide cutting edge weaponry and the latest in Armorplast(r) technology.  The Convergence from Mistui… it all comes together… right here.

CONVERGENCE.  Midsized; x-hvy chassis; hvy. suspension; large power plant; 6 solid tires, driver, gunner.  Armor: F 45, B 40, R 30, L 30, T 30, U 20.  Mounts laser in turret, MG front, and MG back.  Carries targeting computers for both driver and gunner.  HC 3; acceleration 5 mph.  Weight 5760 lbs; cost $24,820.

LO-TEK OPTION– Replace laser in turret with two linked MG’s.  Remove gunner’s targeting computer.  Add 12 points of armor.  Weight 5,756 lbs; costs $19,062.

 [Here’s a car designed to work against the cyclist tactics of the previous post.  It can be improved upon, I’m sure, but every set of designs built with the pocket box rules has to have at leasted one heavily armored Mid with a turreted laser.]


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