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We did a gaming session last Sunday.  Only three players showed up and the GM just worked over our character concepts with us.  He was hoping to get at least one more person to show up to be the “hook” that drew the rest of us together on the adventure….

For the second half of the session we geeked out on a variety of topics: friends that disappeared after getting into World of Warcraft, why MMORPG games would never be a true role-playing experience, Infocom, Choose Your Own Adventure books, and so forth.

Geek talk is a tricky game in itself.  If you luck up and tell an anecdote that is actually interesting and funny to everyone else, you have to back off and let someone else have a chance to one-up you.  Nobody’s interesting if they just keep droning on and on and on….  Of course, to be a geek… you have to be completely into something that is so obscure and silly that no one be interested in it!  And to be really geeky, you have to be the sort that misses those social clues people start giving you to gently ask you to shut-up.  Ah… but you’re talking with other geeks, so the chances of overlapping interests increase.  But because geeks are such a fickle lot, it’s just too easy to get a “critical failure…”

I recalled that one player there had said something about playing Battletech at a previous game.  I asked him if he’d played lately and he said he’d played some… when he was twelve!  (Subtext: what kind of moron cares about that game anymore!?)  Definitely a critical failure….

I’d say we did fairly well for a bunch of geeks.  We kept it civil and didn’t engage in too many I-Know-More-About-Subject-XYZ-Than-You-Do games.  Still… I found myself wishing we had an Illuminati deck or something….


One response to “Geekfest

  1. Sam July 22, 2007 at 8:27 am

    Hey, you might be interested in Darkwind: War on Wheels which comes closer than any other game to being a Car Wars Online type game. A large proportion of our players are Car Wars fanatics.

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