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Trouble Brewing in the Quaker Free State…

Three players from the last session didn’t show up… and a new player came on board this session– netting us three players and the GM this time.  The first third of the session took a little time because we had to bring the new guy up to speed on the setting– we got into all kinds of things we never thought of before: what law holds at the top of each space elevator; how effective are the sex change operations of the future and what extent is practice is accepted socially; how ecological crimes became more serious than “moral” crimes; how much time it takes to get a radio signal to Mars or Jupiter….  Geek on, baby!

The next chunk of game time was spent as our characters met in a bar, chucked beers, and traded stories.  There’s simply a huge number of things going on and each of our characters have only a few pieces of the puzzle.  I remarked that the puzzle pieces aren’t the problem– it’s the fact that we don’t have the box top!  We roleplayed out bits of this and at other times we’d look pleadingly to the GM and beg him to explain “the story so far….”  There’ve been hardly any skill roles in any of these session and I’m the only person to bring up such technical aspects of the game.  I generally ask for an intuition roll at some point each session in order to see beyond the surface of the factoids and infobits in order to discern what we should do next.  The GM never seems to oblige me, but maybe the secret skill rolls aren’t coming out in my favor….

So here we are… a grounded space trucker, a taditionalist noire reporter, and a military security guard sulking about the scene of a supposed kidnapping and rescue raid.  We know that the Quaker vessel that was blown up was actually headed away from the space elevator.  We know that communication to Io is down for a reason and we know that major political leaders are secretly leaving the planet and activating clones to stand in for them.  We know that the kidnappers are a couple of twins claiming to be from Luna and were passenger’s on the space trucker’s most recent run.  And we know that the Men in Black shouldn’t be involved in such a local concern.

Something big is going down… what we can do about it is completely mystifying.  We bandied about various Scooby-Doo approaches to getting into the warehouse, but didn’t get a chance to implement them.  Maybe next time….


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