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The Settlers of Carcassonne

Just picked up Carcassonne this past week.  It’s sort of a dominoes game on steroids.  Our first game we slogged through just to get a feel for the rules.  The second went faster, but we took about half an hour to score the farms correctly at the end.  The rules are pretty tricky for that, but they make sense once you get the hang of it.  Once the dust had settled I’d won by only about 15 points or so. 

The game is shorter than Settlers of Cataan, is less intricate, and works better as a two player game– I expect it to be played a little more often.  There’s also tons of nifty “expansion sets” available for it that appear to be kind of cute.  The Carcassonne sets seem to just spice up the game a bit mostly, though some make the scoring system a little funky.  Cataan is just about as complex as my casual gamer type friends can stand, so it seems unlikely that we’ll want to extend it any time soon.  It’s already at the extreme limits of my wife’s attention span as it is. 

Yep… Carcassonne is set to rule the roost in the casual game department– the interesting play in a short playing time is the kicking issue.  Actually, when the store owner that sold it to me said that it outsold Cataan by a huge margin, I didn’t believe it.  But after playing it, I can see why.

Car Wars the Card Game

I finally got to play this game!  I was surprised at how good it was.  I thought that taking away the map would ruin the whole concept, but even though it is abstract it still feels like autoduelling to me.  The game is very clever in how it tracks tire damage, armor facings, and so forth.  The fact that you have a record sheet of sorts gives the game a lot more depth than other fighting card games such as Slugfest Game’s Kung Fu Fighting

 Tanks for the Memories…

I got to meet CWIN editor Michael P. Owen for an afternoon of autoduelling in scenic Redmond, WA.  We played Brotherhood in Arms from an old ADQ and I got to blow things up real good.  The average life expectancy of opposing vehicles was about 1.6 seconds.

I had a $150,000 to make a big rig.  I went with a standard Cabover to save money, and also downgraded the super plant to a large.  I didn’t get fireproof armor and sacrificed some other goodies, but I did get three universal turreted Blast Cannons and a hundred points of metal armor on the trailer.  Sacrificing sold tires for PR’s to get all three turrets universal was worth it because my first combat was against a helicopter!  You can read more about it in the latest issue of Car Wars Internet Newsletter Editor.  

Thanks, Mike for the brand new edition of Car Wars Tanks still fresh in the shrinkwrap and the other goodies.  We’ll have to play again sometime!


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