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Conquistador Motors Presents: The Cortez

Haven’t got time to bother with pesky bandits?  AADA statistics show that the Cortez Tractor Trailer combination suffers over 60% less damage due to highway duels– and those duels will be over in your favor in less than a third of the time than those of comparatively priced competing rigs.  Whether they come at you by land or by air, the Cortez has got you covered!

Only the Cortez gives you so much bang for your buck!  With three KillTech Blast Cannons mounted in universal turrets and twenty heavy rockets, no foe can withstand your withering firepower.  And each Cortez tractor and trailer come with an electronics package that will ensure your targets are hit the first time.

Contact your local Conquistador dealer for a test drive today… and conquer the road with Conquistador Motors!

CORTEZ — Standard Cabover, x-hvy chassis, large power plant, 10 PR tires, trucker, BC in 4-space universal turret, HRSWC.  Plastic Armor: F 63, R 35, L 35, B 15, U 15, T 25, 6 10 point wheel-guards, 10 pts CA around trucker.  HC 1, 11,982 lbs., $77,740.

CORTEZ TRAILER — 40′ van, 8 PR tires, standard kingpin, 2 gunners, 10 HRs linked left, 10 HRs linked right, 4 additional links, BC with extra magazine in 4-space universal turret TF, BC with extra magazine in 4-space universal turret TB, 2 hi-res targeting computers.  Metal/Plastic Armor: F 0/20, RF 20/16, LF 20/16, TF 0/30, UF 0/20, RB 20/16, LB 20/16, TB 0/30, UB 0/20, B 20/16, 4 10 point wheel-guards.  21,140 lbs., $66,200.

COMBINED TRACTOR and  TRAILER — Cargo: Up to 25,878 lbs.and 50 spaces.  Total: 33,122 lbs., $143,940.


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