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Pack Attack!

We continued the third gaming session of our Car Wars: 2033 campaign.  In the last session, our team of Vermont duellists had just barely squeaked through the last encounter of Convoy with the algae ladden rig intact.  The mechanic was left behind to salvage a laser from a modified Intimidator station wagon while the rest of the team attempted to make it into town in less than two hours past the deadline.  While loading up the laser, the lone mechanic was spotted by an agent of the Cyclones….  [Evil laughter] 

As he headed for town, 6 pink cycles appeared in his rear view mirror.  There were two Road Misers and a Shogun 200 (RR option) out front and three Santa Cruz cycles in the rear.  (I chose to give the gang three MD equipped cycles because I felt they needed to be a balanced unit.  My player was already certain he’d loose.)

The cycles approached in two waves of three seperated by 4 inches (60 feet) of road.  They targeted tires only in the hopes of causing the Van to wreck due to the hazard– they wanted to win the cargo intact, too.  The Van had three MG’s in a turret and quickly destroyed the front armor and weapon of the Shogun.  The Shogun breaked and then swerved behind one of the lead Road Misers and successfully broke the sustained fire bonus of the Van. 

(As we continued down the road, I rolled a die to determine the next road section.  Straight on 1-3, Curve on 4-5, steep curve on 6.)

The Van decelerated much more than the gang anticipated and the cycles were soon right on top of him.  The cycles did poorly with their shots even though they got to point blank range.  We used the 5 phase movement chart with the faster cycles moving first.  This gave the Van an opportunity to sideswipe a cycle.  I feel that the cycle would have lived if it had been played out on the 10 phase chart– or if they’d alternated movement one inch for the cycle, one inch for the van, then one more inch for the cycle.  Two points of ram damage hit the cyclist and one point hit the power plant.  Body Armor was bypassed because of ram damage and the cycle went down.  I feel a nimble cycle ought to getten a saving through to avoid such lumbering Vans, but maybe next time I’ll just be real careful if I get in the vicinity of such monsters.

During the same second, the van shot one of the Santa Cruz’s on its unarmored side, nailing the cyclist in a clean kill.  The other two Santa Cruz took point blank shots an each front tire and then sped on ahead.  On the following second they laid mines diectly in front of the Van.  The Van went between the two counters so there’d be just a one in three chance of setting each of them off.  The van would have made it, but a killed cycle rolled right over it and set it off anyway!  The tire damage on the van was light and it even damaged a rear tire on one of my lagging cycles.

The damage was not enough to immobilze the Van.  He still had tires on all four corners.  On the following second, the four remaining cyclists tossed grenades towards the Van that was moving only 30 mph now.  At the start of the next turn, the Van had come to a complete stop.  A single grenade bounced close enough to finish off a front tire.  Yippee skippee.

The cycles chose to cruise off into the sunset.  My force had its firepower cut in half.  The van was barely damaged at all and still had those turreted triple MGs.  If they ever tried such a foolish thing as taking on a duelling class vehicle again, they plan on hanging back, attaining Gunner-1 or better before the fight, buying a targeting computer, and aiming for the rear armor even if it means a strong chance of damaging the cargo.

(The Van player really wanted to have the duel televised so I told him there was a News Helicopter covering it on a roll of 5 or 6 on a single die.  I rolled a five!) 

There was much discussion at the end about the plausibility of the grenades being tossed at 75 mph on a highway.  Of course, “reality” didn’t count for much when my cycle got sideswiped, so why should it matter when my cyclists are tossing grenades?  I haven’t got my compass die yet, but the grenade rules were sufficiently irritating this time, so I’ll being open to using a simpler way of handling the scatter rules and such next time….

4 responses to “Pack Attack!

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  2. Jeff R. March 9, 2011 at 12:34 pm

    “Body Armor was bypassed because of ram damage and the cycle went down.”

    You know, that’s probably another one of those little rules that I’ve forgotten and never played with.

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