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Variant Customization rules for CAR WARS Div. 5 set 3

The notes in the back of your rulebook include info about costs, but leaves out info on space and weight.  Here is the relevant missing information pulled from earlier editions.  Keep in mind that the Light Ramplate did not exist in earlier editions and that some rules may have been changed in the new design system.

Weapon     Weight     WPS     Loaded Wt.     Space
——     ——     —-    ———-     —–
MG            150      2.5           200         1
FT            250      5             500         2
HDFT          650     10             750         3
MML           100      2.5           125         1
RL            200      5             250         2
SD(exp.)       25      5              75         1

Compact Armor:     $13 and 6 lbs. per point

Ram Plate (Heavy): Costs 1.5 times front armor $
                   Weighs .5 times front armor wt
Ram Plate (Light): Costs .75 times front armor $
                   Weighs .25 times front armor wt

Gunner:            150 lbs., 2 spaces
Links:             $50


The Napalm and the Dagger are very similar vehicles– they are both compacts mounting light ramplates.  The Dagger has slightly better armor, but only half the firepower.  Both cars have equally poor handling, but the Dagger has twice the acceleration.  Let’s see if we can heighten the contrast between these two vehicles.

The Napalm schematic does not illustrate the light ram plate.  To make a variant model without it, we subtract $283 and 44 lbs from the cost of the original stock Napalm.  Then we can add 21 points of armor for $273 and 126 lbs.  Note that this puts us 126 pounds over the original weight.  Without the full design rules, we don’t know for sure if this impacts the vehicles acceleration or chassis limit.  Additional “reverse engineering” could settle this question.  This variant costs $4,988 and weighs 3,676 lbs.

The Dagger is pictured as having a gigantic ram plate… but the designers of this set gave it only a light one.  We can drop 23 points of armor on the vehicle and drop $299 from the cost and 138 lbs from the weight.  Then we can upgrade the ramplate to a heavy for $292 and 135 lbs and have a final cost and weight that is only a little bit shy of the original values.  We can have a fairly strong confidence that this variant would be consistent with the unpublished 5th edition design rules, but the confetti number may have dropped a point or two. This variant costs $4,987 and weighs 2,914 lbs.

Note that messing with the ramplates can be a little math intensive– and we may not know for sure if we’re following the rules or not when we do that.  Let’s try a couple of variants that don’t fool with such things.

Start with the stock Napalm.  Remove one FT and the link.  We can now make an up-armored version that adds 83 points of armor to anywhere but the front.  I would probably move the remaining FT to the side and load up a great deal of armor on that facing– the side is easier to hit.  We end up with a car running $4,993 and weighing 3,359 lbs– slightly less than the original design for both cost and weight.

Suppose a duellist wins an Amatuer Night event and wants to fix up his car.  He’ll be taking it on the road, so he needs a more well rounded vehicle than an arena car.  He could remove one FT and the link, and then add an SD (explosive), a gunner, and 15 points of armor added to anywhere but the front.  His car would cost $4,994 and weigh 3,498 lbs.  He could still take it into a Division 5 duel if he wanted to.

Hopefully these Variants will spice up your games while you save your nickles for the Division 5 Vehicle Guide.  Enjoy!


6 responses to “Variant Customization rules for CAR WARS Div. 5 set 3

  1. Offalimb January 18, 2007 at 6:45 pm

    I’ve been messing around with trying to customize 5e, and while I agree that weight for weapons is same as in old versions. I find that the passenger is closer to 130 lbs, armor is about 7 lbs a point, and the confetti number is based off of taking the total weight and dividing by 76. Just thought you would want to know.

  2. jeffro January 19, 2007 at 10:56 am

    Testing the Confetti Hypothesis would be easy… I just need to verify it by checking with the 5th edition designs. (Thanks!)

    …Though I don’t see how you could have figured out the passenger and armor weight. How did you get those?

  3. Offalimb January 22, 2007 at 10:25 am

    Using a combo of the Dagger/Napalm starter set, the 5e Vehicle Guide, and a pdf file with the original rules weapon information…..I started subtracting weapons. Then using the variant of each I figured out armor to be around 6.5 lbs to 7 lbs (7 worked on more cars than 6.5). After having that number I subtracted off the armor. Then comparing the weight of a car to another with same size chassis and engine, one with a passenger and one without. It came to 130 lbs.

    And I’ve found out each next size larger engine ( to go from 2 hp to 4 hp, or 4 hp to 6 hp) is also 130 lbs.

    The 2 I’m still stuck on are the ramplate – which you’ve given me above, and I haven’t had a chance to see if it works in the 5e….and the spoiler is till throwing me for a loop. But I haven’t had much time to work on it in the last couple of week.

  4. jeffro January 22, 2007 at 11:40 am

    I doubt the ramplate works as I describe above. I’ve heard rumors that they made ramplates, spoilers, and airdams all have the same cost and weight in order to simplify the math.

    That should make it easier at least to reverse engineer that….

  5. Offalimb January 23, 2007 at 11:08 pm

    Ramplates look to be two different weights – one for the compact and one for the subcompact. And even then, they seem really heavy to me.

    I’m coming up with the one for the subcompact to be about 165 lbs and the one for the compact to be 220 lbs.

    I’m also seeing the spoiler land somewhere around 80 lbs.

    I don’t know how accurate these are, but every one I’ve tested them against has come within 5 lbs of where it should be.

  6. Iguana734 July 16, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    I know this discussion is from a long time ago but figured I would add what I’ve come up with. It’s dead on for all but the 3 designs that have explosive spikes, they come up $200 low for each dropper the vehicle has and the joseph special has 1 space too many to fit.

    Body Types are the same as old version with extra-heavy chassis except max loads are rounded up to the next 100 lb mark.
    Sub $600, 1000 lb, 7 spaces, 2800 lb max, base HC: 2
    Compact $800, 1300 lb, 10 spaces, 4500 lb max, Base HC:1
    Mid $1200, 1600 lb, 13 spaces, 5800 lb max, Base HC:1
    Luxury $1600, 1800 lb. 19 spaces, 6600 lb max, Base HC:1

    Low-profile is $250 and Ultra-low is $500 both have 0 weight.
    Improved suspension is $500 and Heavy is $1000 both have 0 weight.

    Engines are totally different from the old version. For every 2 DP they have they cost $500, weigh 150 lb, take up1 space and have 2000 power factor.
    Platinum Catalysts cost $500 and weigh 25 lb and add 1000 power factor.
    Superconductors cost $1000 and weigh 50 lb and add 2000 power factor.
    If power factor is greater than total vehicle weight acceleration is 10 mph and top speed is 90 mph. If power factor is greater than twice vehicle weight acceleration is 20 mph and top speed is 100 mph. Ultra-low profile increases top speed by 10 mph.

    Standard Tires cost $50 each and weigh 30 lb each.
    Standard HP Tires cost $175 and weigh 30 lb each.
    Heavy-Duty Tires cost $175 and weigh 55 lb each.
    Heavy-Duty HP Tires cost $300 and weigh 55 lb each.
    Solid Tires cost $425 and weigh 80 lb each.
    Solid HP Tires cost $550 and weigh 80 lb each.

    Driver and gunner are the same as the old system, 2 spaces and 150 lbs.

    Armor is the same as the old system based on body size.
    Sub $10/5lb per point
    Compact $12/6lb per point
    Mid-size $15/8lb per point
    Luxury $20/10lb per point
    Fire-Resistant is 1.5 times the cost and Fireproof is 2 times the cost. Both have same weight as normal armor.

    Weapon link $50 , 0 lb and 0 space.
    Targeting computer $1000, 0 lb and 0 space.
    1 space turret $1000, 150 lb and 0 space.
    2 space turret $1500, 200 lb and 0 space.
    Body Blades $100, 25lb and 0 space for both sides
    Light Ramplate $500, 250 lb and 0 space.
    Heavy Ramplate $1000, 500 lb and 0 space.
    Light Structural Reinforcement $500, 250 lb. and not sure whether takes any space.
    Heavy Structural Reinforcement $1000, 500 lb. and not sure whether takes any space.
    Spoiler $500, 100 lb and 0 space.
    Wheel Armor $1000, 100 lb and 0 space for all 4 tires.
    Fire extinguisher $300, 150 lb and 1 space.

    Weapons are the same as before except the light and medium laser weigh 50 lbs less. and explosive spikes ammo weighs twice as much.
    Sonic Cannon costs $6000, weighs 800 lb. and takes 3 spaces.
    Surge Rocket costs $800, weighs 100 lb and takes 1 space.

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