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Salvaging 5th Edition Car Wars

The main problem with 5th  edition is that the design system was never released.  I’ve since gone back to using Compendium 2e for my games, but I regret not being able to use my full color laminated vehicle record sheets from 5th edition.  What to do?!  My solution is to use the Compendium’s design rules to make vehicles as close as possible to the 5th edition designs.  I use a seperate sheet of paper for tracking armor anyway, so this will hardly make a difference at all.

The stock Napalm with a 30 point ramplate carries 51 additional points of armor at the other five locations and has a top speed of 95 mph.  (This would be the standard “heavy” ramplate of the old rules.)  Without the ramplate, the car can carry a total of 126 points of armor and has a top speed of 92.5 mph.  Both versions would change the power plant DPs to 8 and have an acceleration of 5.

The stock Dagger carries a 30 point ramplate as well and carries an additional 36 points of armor at the other five locations.  The power plant DPs would increase to 10, the vehicle’s acceleration would be 10, and the top speed increases to 140 mph. 

That’s a pitifully small amount of armor on the Dagger, though.  If we use a tricked up medium power plant (with PC’s and SC’s) instead of the large, we can do better.  This car keeps the 30 point ramplate, has 65 additional points of armor elsewhere, has 8 DP for the power plant, and acceleration of 10, and a top speed of 122.5 mph.

(By the way, the Napalm and Dagger vehicles above both use standard tires and light suspension.  The Napalm has a heavy chassis and the Dagger has a standard chassis.) 

Every other facet of these designs should match the stats on the full-color vehicle record sheet perfectly.  If you own Division 5 Set 3, then you should be able to understand the rest of these designs easily.  Now I can use the record sheets from 5th edition with my 2e games… or I can use the 2e design rules with my 5th edition games– and you can, too!


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