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Road Duel: 2033

Game Session #4 of our 2033 campaign resulted in the Green Mountain Van (now armed with a laser and a minedropper) taking out a luxury sized stock Moose.  We rolled 2d6 to get the distance between the cars at the start of the duel– 3 inches on the map… 45 feet in ‘reality.’  This was outside of Memphis, so we figured TV coverage on a 6 on 1d6… and we of course rolled a 6.  This would be the second time this van was on the six o’clock news in the past couple of weeks!

The Moose pulled up behind and tailed the van.  The van’s laser hit and the opening shot of the Moose’s ATG’s missed completely.  The van left a mine at the end of the turn.  On the following turn, the Moose swerved to miss the mine… and the van turned with him.  The vehicles traded shots again, and debris flew off of both vehicles.  The van driver then cleverly dropped the next mine in such a way as to force the Moose to make another maneuver or eat mine.  The Moose had to choose between shoulder, mine and debris… and chose debris.  The driver barely managed to maintain control.

During the next seconds, the Moose blew off the Van’s rear armor and destroyed the minedropper.  At the start of the next turn the Van began a J-turn to get that vulnerable rear armor away from the heavy guns.  The van failed to complete the turn and skidded to a stop.  The lack of a turret meant that the Moose could only get a random shot against the thicker right side armor on the van.  The van’s low speed meant it could repeatedly pivot to change armor facings and the turret meant it could repeatedly get good shots off.

As the Moose went by, the Van took out a tire with a point blank shot from the laser.  Two more shots would take out a second tire while the Moose’s rocket launchers did moderate damage.  The Moose was going 35 at this point and rolled– ending up helplessly upside down.

No one was hurt, though the Moose’s driver may need to seek out chiropractic care.  The Green Mountain Couriers took possession of the car, however, and the damages look like they could repaired for less than $5,000.  The driver picked up a point in driver skill and the gunner picked up a gunner skill point, they each earned 3 prestige.  The value of the Moose very much exceeded the amount of money they had been scraping up doing small run courier jobs.

This duel illustrated the futility of closing the range against a laser/MD/Hi-res computer type vehicle.  Those things can eat tires for breakfast if the gunner has even low skill levels.  Such a vehicle should be engaged from the front, if possible, so that the MD can’t be used against you.  Dropped weapons can also be effective if played correctly even if they don’t drop every phase or inch of movement– or even if they aren’t in the HD model.  Without radial tires, HD shocks, and spoiler & airdams, handling penalties from maneuvers and weapons fire can quickly add up to big trouble.  It’s difficult to do it, but sometimes its better to just roll over a mine rather than take a D3 maneuver.  Your underbody armor can take a hit or two, but you’ll not do much if you end up crashing and burning.

We played with Compendium 2nd edition rules– but no speed modifiers, and handling tracks reset at the start of each turn.  We assessed the speed penalty on crash table rolls, but also subtracted driver’s skill.  We did not give a penalty to to-hit rolls to drivers that maneuver or take a hazard, but I wonder if we should work that in next time.  It would give vehicles with a dedicated gunner a big advantage….  The entire duel took place on three deluxe road sessions, so this was a very compact game.

The more or less lo-tech equipment combined with a couple of rules simplifications make for a very playable game.  We had to look up rules for pivots, hazards, j-turns, and tire losses, but other than things moved very quickly.

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