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Car Wars Podcasts… and lotsa vintage Micro-games!

I finally got to listen to the MADHAT Car Wars podcasts and episode 4 of the Roll2D6 pocasts.  The MADHAT shows are delivered in a downhome Tennessee twang by a diehard Car Wars fanatic that runs several PBEM games— and his coverage of those games has inspired my to check ’em out.  This podcast-jockey (?) had 11 people sign up for his most recent game and 5 of those were repeat players. 

The Roll2D6 podcast had slightly better production values; it came off more like a real radio talk show because the two hosts banter back and forth so much.  The Car Wars fanatic would try to describe the history of his favorite game while the other fellow cracked jokes!  On the other hand, the Madhat show scores many MONDO grooviness points for letting out the secret of the DwarfStar games web pages.  Follow the link to find a gold mine in classic gaming goodness!


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