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What Darth Vader Really Did Over Christmas Vacation

No, he wasn’t building a model of the battle at Helm’s Deep in Candy…. 

(Actually, I don’t think the Sith even celebrate Christmas.)

Wow.  I haven’t seen anything that weird since my high-school friends got together to melt army men with candles and paint them with toll paints and model kit stuff.  (It’s tricky work– you’ll burn your fingers– and who knows about the fumes.  But it’s more fun and less expensive than buying real miniatures and never getting around to painting them!  My personal favorites were the flame thrower dude with four arms and the giant WWII head with 6 little legs.)

But that’s not the main reason I’m posting today.  If you haven’t seen the video about what happened after the death star blew up, then get going and check it out!

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