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Mitsui Yamani: A Superior Driving Experience

I drive a Yamani.

I know, I know… it’s been really unpopular to by these Japanese makes for quite some time, but I’m telling you, they’ve nailed this one.  The Shuriken is ancient history, buddy.

You wouldn’t believe the ‘charge mileage this thing gets.  She’s not as sporty as some, but she’s got it where it counts.  She can really haul it if you need to get out of a sticky situation.  The trusty HMG gives me the power of a Vulcan without the bulk.  There’s plenty of ammo there to take care of those annoying romantic yahoos that think that they can pull off the whole cycle gang thing anymore these days.

But what I like best about the Yamani is the rockets.  3 of ’em, man!  See, that’s what I can’t stand is the dweebs that are pulling onto the freeway.  There’s like nobody for a mile in front of you… and nobody for a mile behind me.  (And I’m in the slow lane because I know better than to get in the way of the hot rod set.)  But there it is… some dude in a pick up matches speeds with me and starts pulling into my lane almost right on top of me.  I can’t stand that!  I’m not the most trigger happy guy around, but I’m sorry… that’s an immediate point-blank shot with 3 armor piercing heavy rockets into the guy’s left armor right there, man.

Funny though… ever since I started driving a Yamani, I really haven’t had to do that….  (Must be our reputation….)  I’m tempted to replace the rockets with fakes and trade them out for extra cargo space, but you know… I just might need to make and example out of somebody. 

Not that the Yamani doesn’t have plenty of space.  What’s the deal with all those cars on the market that have, like, no passenger space whatsoever?  Do they think we’re all teenagers or something?  The Yamani has all of this offensive capability, all of this acceleration… and I’ve still got room for my wife and the two kids. 

But you know, it’s not so practical that I can’t take it into the arena every now and then.  Shoot… just upgrade the computer to a Hi-Res and maybe throw in a little Flame Cloud Discharger and I’m ready to burn it up at division 25.

You just can’t beat it, my brother.

You know… I’d almost go so far as to say that my Yamani is one of the best things that ever happened to me.  My commute is so much more care free now….  I love this car.  (Aw shucks… I’m, tearing up.)  Excuse me, guys… I think I’m going to go take a spin in my new Mitsui Yamani.

(Disclosure: Mitsui provided Jeffro’s Car Wars Blog with a complimentary Yamani in December, 2006.)

Mitsui Yamani: Sedan; Extra Heavy chassis; Heavy suspension; Sport PP; 4 Solid Steelbelted tires.  Driver, passenger,  Heavy Machine Gun with 15 shots HD ammo in Universal Turret; 3 AP Heavy Rockets linked Right,  Targeting Computer.  Plastic Armor: F 40, R 25, L 25, B 35, T 25, U 10; 2 10 pt. Plastic Armored Wheel Hubs Front; 2 10 pt. Plastic Wheel Guards Back; 10 points CA around driver and cargo area.  Cargo: 2 spaces, 140 lbs.  Cost: $21,830, Weight: 5,980, HC: 3, Top Speed: 120, Accel: 10 (with up to 20 lbs of cargo.) 

 [This design was built with material from Car Wars Compendium 2e and the HMG from Tanks.  Special thanks to SPARK for the nifty design tool.]


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