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This Gwak’s Me More Than It Gwak’s You

Cruising the Division 20 field and putting the “death” back into death sports, the Warthog has been seen more and more as the vehicle of choice of the most sadistic and brutal duelists in the Atlantic Coast Conference.  Drivers of the car are racking up an impressive amount of kills… yet a startling number of them are literally going out in flames of glory.  It remains to be seen whether the “Greho’gwak” special has staying power or if it is just a passing fad.  For the present, the car is certainly contributing to a minor cleansing of the gene pool.

Gothmog’s Refried Honey Glazed “Warthog” Killomatic Special: Sedan; Extra-Heavy chassis; Improved suspension; Large PP w/PlatCats; 4 PR tires.  Driver.  5 linked Heavy Machine Guns each with 7 shots HD ammo front.  Sloped Plastic Armor: F 56, R 25, L 25, B 30, T 5, U 5; 2 6 pt Armored Wheel Hubs front, 2 6 pt Wheel Guards back, 10 pts CA around driver; 10 pts CA around plant.  Cost: $19,831, Wgt: 6,100, HC: 3, Top Speed: 90, Accel: 5.         

[This design is made with Compendiun 2e rules and the ever popular HMG from Car Wars Tanks.  With HD ammo it became the only one-space/two-die weapon in the game… giving this sedan a frightening potential of 10 dice damage per second.  The car is ineffective against large amounts of metal armor… and incendiary weapons could provide the key taking this car out. Note that even if its front armor is breached a few times it is likely to retain a respectable amount of weaponry.  Special thanks to SPARK for the nifty design tool.]  

[Update: This vehicle had been revised due to a misunderstanding of the SPARK design tool: I inadvertantly gave just it 10 rounds for all 5 weapons– enough for two salvoes.  Loading it up with 7 shots per gun forced me to cut back the wheel guards and switch to PR tires, so squeaking into Division 20 with this thing may not be the best idea.  It might work better as a division 25 concept….]


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