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Game Store Update… and Warhammer 40k

Three game stores closed their doors in rapid succession early last year right around January; I’ve been stuck with browsing AD&D books at Barnes & Noble the past while until a Hobbytown USA opened up near by.  They have a fair selection of “Eurogames” and some wargames, but they don’t keep their selection up to date.  When I ask the clerks/managers about the latest stuff, they offer to special order it, but they never stock it.  They used to keep a fair selection of AD&D books, but they’ve been exiled from their prominent racks and are now tucked behind the big gaming table. 

The only game people play there is Warhammer 40k.  Things don’t seem to have improved much since my highschool days playing Car Wars.  The last bunch I saw trying to play Warhammer ended up working on their force designs, setting up mini’s, and arguing about rules for two straight hours– it took them that long to get anything started and at that point there was no hope of finishing the game!  Sheesh.

I can see the attraction of the mini’s themselves– this company has figured out how to market toys to an older age bracket. Woo-hoo.  But the game… I don’t see how people can stand it.  There’s just about no maneuver in it from what I’ve seen– people just line up their men and they start taking turns rolling dice.  There’s not even any flanking actions from what I’ve seen.  So it’s like Napoleonic battles… but without any tactical movement or positioning.  Soldiers just line up at short range and take turns unloading on each other.  There’s not even any prone or kneeling minis like my dark green WW2 plastic army men. I mean… do these space marines in the future not know the meaning of “hit the deck?!”

Maybe I’m just an old grog that doesn’t grok what’s going on, but it just appears that there’s little to no depth to this game.  If there’s a fan out there that can explain what’s fun about this game I’d be glad to hear it.  It really is just about the only wargaming type thing going in my area.  Can I be convinced to give it a try, or am I too stuck in the eighties to learn something new?

[Update 2/7/07: if these guys were playing near me, I’d suck it up and shell out the $$ for an army of miniatures and just go play Warhammer!  That’s an amazing setup that club has….  Wow.]


3 responses to “Game Store Update… and Warhammer 40k

  1. Neuromancer February 7, 2007 at 6:43 pm


    Thanks for the link back to the Gladiotors

    Rgds Maurice

  2. jeffro February 8, 2007 at 10:41 am

    No problem. I noticed that search engines were sending people looking for Warhammer stuff to my somewhat ignorant post, so I felt like I needed to add in that link so people can at least see it “done right.”

  3. Richard March 14, 2007 at 8:06 pm

    I guess it’s good to know it’s not just the 40K players around here who spend two hours setting up and arguing about rules– apparently some things are universal. Maybe it’s part of the appeal of the game, and we “just don’t get it”. Fortunately they’re outnumbered around here, lots of other games. Hope things improve in your area.

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