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Pre-Goth Gaming Chicks of the Eighties

Ah… the babes of Dragon Magazine.  They just don’t make ’em like they used to.  Is that a good thing or a bad one…?  You decide!

Check out this Zoar-Cher amalgam straight from the White-bread Dimension:

Didn’t she appear in the live action He-Man movie? 

If TSR got really desperate, though, they’d do the 80’s equivalent of ‘photoshoping’ girl-band rock stars.  For instance, this is obviously a chick from the rhythm section of the Bangles:

Please tell me she has some sort of cloth lining under that chain mail….

Borrowing from popular media of the day is tricky work… the lawyers might make you regret it.  To round out the rest of the magazine, the editors would often take a girl-next-door approach:

Here we get the gymnast from your 7th grade state history class.  Then there’s that quiet girl that always sat up front on the bus:  She was really shy and probably liked horses or something.  Nobody liked her for some reason and you never figured out why.  (If you’d known she was tops with a Cure Light Wounds Spell, I’m sure you would have asked her out.)  Finally there’s the 1/8th Cherokee chick that was heavy into dancing and authentic Indian crafts.  (Don’t call her outfit a “costume” or she’ll correct you: it’s regalia you clod!)


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