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The Vixen: Ready to Rock

Amex proudly presents a new era in Division 10.

Only the Vixen sports this much firepower: dual heavy machine guns with high density rounds.  But we didn’t cut any corners on protection to bring it to you.  With patented Armoplast composite armor, full component armor protection for you and your power plant, and even wheel-guards– you’ll be able to take the heat while you chew them to pieces.

Test drive one today at your local Amex dealer.

The Vixen: Compact; extra heavy chassis; heavy suspension; medium power plant with platinum catalysts; 4 Hvy Duty tires.  Driver.  2 Heavy Machine Guns each with 9 shots HD ammo front.  30 pts. Sloped Metal and 50 pts. Sloped Plastic: F 14/14,  R 8/10, L 8/10, B 0/16, T 0/0, U 0/0. 2 3 pt. Plastic Hubs Front; 2 3 pt. Plastic Guards Back;  10 pts CA on driver, 10 pts CA on plant.  Cost: $9,845, Weight 4,358, HC 3, Top Speed: 90, Accel: 5.

[I’ve always liked division 10.  A range of tactics are available and the most irritating equipment in the game won’t fit the budget.  Here’s an experiment to see if the HMG upsets the balance.  To cram the two guns into division 10 I had to sacrifice on tires and armor.  A subcompact might be a better frame for this concept.  The Vixen is vulnerable to flame weapons, but the driver can afford to take a PFE in with him.  It definitely looks like the HMG w/ HD ammo is the spiritual heir to the ATG with APFSDS ammo.  These two weapons are easily more of a threat to game balance than X-ray lasers.  This design was built according to the rules in the Compendium 2e and uses the HMG from Tanks/UACFH.  Special thanks to SPARK for the nifty design tool.]


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