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Geek Double Feature: Wheaton’s Trek Reviews vs. Dave’s Long Box

Wil Wheaton’s now reviewing the first season Next Generation.  (Thanks to GundamPilotSpaz for the info!)  It’s moderately funny stuff in places, but I like it because he really articulates all of the things that stink about the series in a such a loving way.  It’s an impressive feat.  (Also, Wil Wheaton played Car Wars… and was probably designing cars between scenes during the filming of the show.  You’d know this stuff if you’d read Dancing Barefoot.)

It’s somewhat depressing to me how this guy’s career has turned out.  I get the impression that he sorta left Next Generation because he was a hot property at the time… but then ended up going nowhere.  Now he’s married a divorcé, plays poker competitively, and blogs about his geekiness and how great life was when he was a teenager.  According to Wikipedia, his column in Dungeon magazine died, his column for the Onion has stalled, his book sales tanked, and he’s even had to post a huge online apology to his parents after going ballistic on some random topic.

I’d love to see Wil turn things around… but the whole wistful melancholy bit wears thin after a while.  I mean… I’m an aging nostalgic geek blogger… if life sucks for Wil Wheaton, then what’s it gotta be like for me?  I don’t want to think about that!

If you want to see someone that can pull this sort of thing off in a much more positive way… cruise on over to Dave’s Long Box.  This guy is insanely funny.  You have to be careful where you read his stuff because you will bust out laughing.  (I think so much of the guy, I even tried in vain to imitate him a couple of times.  I don’t come close, but I figure I get some leeway if I’m picking on George Lucas.)  I’m glad to hear that he’s going to be posting more regularly again.


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