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J&D Motors’ Flashback Series

J&D Motors is proud to present the Flashback series.  We’ve looked over hundreds of vehicle designs from the 2040’s and resurrected the best for special limited production runs.  Each one comes with a gold plated vanity plate with the signature of the duellist that made it a classic.  Feel the power of a Best-of-Breed Duelling experience.  Drive a Flashback.

Falchion: Luxury; Extra Heavy chassis; Heavy suspension; Large PP w/SCs; 4 Solid tires.  Driver.  2 linked Anti-Tank Guns each with 10 shots APFSDS ammo; 2 linked Minedroppers each with extra magazines (one R, one L.)  Single-Weapon Computer.  152 pts. Plastic (F: 50 R: 30 L: 30 B: 30 T: 6 U: 6).  Cost: $19,540, Wgt: 6,600, HC: 3, Top Speed: 90, Accel: 5.

[I drove this one back in the day.  She creates more than her fair share of debris for the arena floor and she considers metal armor to be a delicacy.  I never really got much use out of the MD’s, though.  The one time I really thought I’d nailed somebody with it I got a real good T-stop demonstration.]

[This vehicle was designed with Compendium 2e rules.  I just noticed something about SPARK’s nifty design tool.  If you increase the quantity of a weapon and leave the number of shots the same… then you’ll be in deep trouble later.  For instance, in the above design… if slect 2 ATG’s with 10 shots, you’ll get only 5 shots each for your ATG’s….  No, you’ve gotta increase the shots every time you mess with the weapon quantity.  Grrr.  Now I’ve got to fix some designs….]


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