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Police Detective Miles Darrow

I never did pick up a copy of GURPS Autoduel: Car Warriors in all these years.  I imagine the cardboard heroes were pretty cool….  (The single color cover was pretty lame looking next to the other GURPS books, though.)  At any rate, I don’t have a usable set of GURPS characters to use for my Autoduel role playing.  Even if I’m using Roll Two Dice and Pray, it would be nice to have such a resource in order to provide a good range of encounter ideas.

The character below uses several new 4e features that Car Warriors would have lacked.  After getting most of the way done, I realized I had pretty much followed the Investigator template (Characters, p 259) without even looking at it– so I can’t be too far off here.  Note that the Talent allows the character have fairly high gunnery skills without forcing him to raise his core attributes unnecessarily.  (I hated that with 2e GURPS.)  And with the new secondary attributes in 4e, we can craft exactly the kind of image we want for our character: in this case, a fairly tough, out-of-shape guy.   Finally, the character’s patron can provide him with weapons, armor, and even a squad car if necessary.  As I’ve noted previously, this character won’t have to deal with the bookkeeping headache of tracking every single repair and maintenance issue his vehicle entails.

The GURPS stats provide an interesting combination of reaction bonuses that affect his interactions with NPC’s… and his Patron, Duty, and Enemies can (with a few die rolls at the beginning of a game) provide fuel for the imagination.  While GURPS generally blows my mind with its more esoteric material, sticking close to the core “realistic” character driven functionality of its rules provides a lot of power and elegance.  And the character concept it helps you come up with can be ported to any game system.  That’s a nice feature.

Name:   Miles Darrow
Race:   Human

Points: 100

Attributes [85]
ST   11  [10]
IQ   12  [40]
DX   12  [40]
HT   10   

HP   14   [6]
Will 10 [-10]
Per  14  [10]
FP    8  [-6]

Basic Lift  24 lbs.
Damage      1d-1/1d+1

Basic Speed 5.5
Basic Move  4 [-5]

Ground Move 4
Water Move  0

Social Background
TL: 8 [0]
Cultural Familiarities: Autoduel America
Languages: English (Native) [0]

Advantages [50]
Danger Sense [15]
Legal Enforcement Powers [5]
Patron (Police Force, 9 or less) [10]
Police Rank 2 [10]
Reputation: +3 from honest citizens, -4 from criminals [0]
Talent: Vehicular Weapons +2 [10]

Disadvantages [-67]
Alcoholic [-15]
Bad Temper [-10]
Duty (Police Force, 12 or less) [-10]
Enemy (“The Baker Boys”, 9 or less) [-10]
Fat [-3]
Honesty [-10]
Odious Personal Habits (Stinky Cigars) [-5]
Unattractive [-4]

Quirks [-5]
Male Chauvinist [-1]
Hits computer violently when it slows down [-1]
Refuses to discuss x-wife [-1]
Leaves junk-food wrappings on passenger side [-1]
Vehemently opposed to EDSEL [-1]

Skills [37]
Area Knowledge             IQ/E  – IQ+0  12  [1]
Boxing                     DX/A  – DX+0  12  [2]
Computer Operation         IQ/E  – IQ+0  12  [1]
Criminology                IQ/A  – IQ+0  12  [2]
Detect Lies                Per/H – Per-1 13  [2]
Driving                    DX/A  – DX+0  12  [2]
Fast Talk                  IQ/A  – IQ+2  14  [8]
Gunnery (Flamethrowers)    DX/E  – DX+2  14* [1]
Gunnery (Lasers)           DX/E  – DX+2  14* [1]
Gunnery (Machine Guns)     DX/E  – DX+3  15* [2]
Gunnery (Recoiless Rifles) DX/E  – DX+4  16* [4]
Gunnery (Rockets)          DX/E  – DX+3  15* [2]
Guns (Pistol)              DX/E  – DX+0  12  [1]
Guns (Submachinegun)       DX/E  – DX+0  12  [1]
Observation                Per/A – Per+0 14  [2]
Streetwise                 IQ/A  – IQ-1  11  [1]
Shadowing                  IQ/A  – IQ-1  11  [1]
Search                     Per/A – Per+0 14  [2]
Research                   IQ/A  – IQ-1  11  [1]

* Includes +2 bonus from talent

Stats [85] Ads [50] Disads [-67] Quirks [-5] Skills [37]

[This character was designed painstakingly by hand with a beat up second hand copy of GURPS 4e: Characters that has the pages falling out.  Jeffro has got to buy a new copy (along with the character creation software) if he’s going to post too many more of these!]


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