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Jeffro’s Essential Traveller Links

Check out this gigantic pdf file containing beautiful color hex maps of the Spinward Marches subsectors.  Say it with the Kool-Aid Man: “Oh yeah!”  If you’re at all confused by the cryptic Universal World Profile, each world is fully described in the incredibly large appendix.  You get animal encounter tables, too.  The Linux/Mac scripts that generated this can be yours as well… check out this thread for the latest details.  Bask in the glory that is Mickazoid’s mad programmin’ skillz!

Here’s a really cool old school rendition of the Spinward Marches Map.  (The seventies rock!)

Joshua Bell has brought us the complete map of Traveller’s charted space, while  Jeff Rients has posted about Don McKinney’s complete history of the Official Traveller Universe.  These things are unbelievable.  If you have any doubt about Traveller’s position as the largest shared fictional setting, spend some time with these two items.  Star Wars and Star Trek have their dinky little isolated worlds that are trotted out as needed– but Traveller gives actually gives you a universe!

Kenneth Bearden’s take on integrating Traveller’s character creation system more closely with a specific setting should be required reading.  His Universal Game Mechanic system is also unspeakably cool if you really want to make Classic Traveller attributes and skill levels really matter….  Classic Traveller grognards are the coolest gamers on the internet.

And last but not least, there’s Berka’s Goodies page.  I’m particularly fond of his Counter Generator….

But what do you need, at a minimum, to actually enter this vast universe teeming with adventure?  Classic Traveller’s Books 1-3, Supplements 1-4, and an Adventure or two are really all you need, so don’t be daunted by the vastness and the detail.  All this and more can be had on the Classic Traveller CD Rom….  Get yours today!


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