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And You Wonder Why They Don’t Print Author Photos Anymore…

Yeah, I went nuts when I saw the advertisement for the book Game Design Volume 1: Theory and Practice in the pocket-box sized 1984 Steve Jackson Games catalogue.  I showed it to an old dueling buddy and told him how cool I thought it was.  I’d never even seen it on ebay… but somehow, the book ended up in my mailbox a couple of months later.  (Thanks, old friend!)

Anyways, when SJG first started out, they included pictures with the author bios.  Nowadays you just get snarky paragraph or three after the introduction, but in the old days these things were printed right on the covers:


Yo Steve!  As much time as I’ve spent playing this guy’s games, it’s funny how few pictures I’ve seen of him.  Maybe that was a good thing if he was going to maintain his status in my subconscious as some sort of Gaming Demi-God.  It looks like he took off his glasses just before they took the photo!

But if you thing that’s scary, check out this Aaron Allston photo from Autoduel Champions:



Okay… maybe taking off your glasses just before a picture isn’t such a bad idea!  It even says next to the picture that Aaron Allston’s interests include “theoretical and applied hedonism.”  Yoiks.  And I always thought that SJG was a wholesome company providing high quality family entertainment….

(And you wondered why SJG never prints author photos….  Heh.  If only you knew… if only you knew….)

Allston has fortunately cleaned up a bit since those halcyon days.  You can see for yourself on his latest Star Wars novels.  He and Battletech author Michael Stackpole singlehandedly wrote the entire X-Wing series!


2 responses to “And You Wonder Why They Don’t Print Author Photos Anymore…

  1. kjamma4 March 5, 2007 at 3:56 pm

    Based upon that picture, I’d say the hedonism is more theoretical than applied.

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