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Ice Missile Earns Two Year Sentence From Jury

Apparently throwing an object from one vehicle at another fits the legal definition of a missile launcher– and anyone caught attempting such will nab a minimum sentence of two years if the judge doesn’t throw it out!

Of course, I find it interesting that the ice maintains it’s forward velocity when its thrown.  It doesn’t just drop to the ground at the place where it went out the window.  It’s just like a motorcyclist who is thrown off and then skids to a stop a long way.  I actually observed something like this the other day when a barrel fell off a truck.  It rolled along in front of my car in the other lane for a several seconds as I slowly begain to gain on it and passed it.

Weird.  I never took physics, so I’m impressed by such things….

But it’s good to know that in some states, a cup of ice is considered to be a micro-missile launcher.  It just goes to show you how paranoid these EDSEL politicians are about giving the slightest inch on our constitutional right to bear vehicular arms.


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