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Former ADQ Editor Sighted Faking Starship Miniatures Photos

Charles Oines has recently posted some CGI pictures of the new Traveller miniatures for the Power Projection game. 

Yep… those are fakes.  Just pure digital ephemera without one lick of lead.  Those Zhodani ships are beautiful, though….  And isn’t that an Azhanti High Lightning?!  Wow!

Charles is the second greatest editor to take the reigns of everybody’s favorite gaming magazine.  He left at the apex of the Car Wars glory at the moment of the release of the first Compendium.  Issues 7-1 to 7-3 were the first “big” issues of the magzines, and were quite good– he fielded some of the weirdest articles ever in Autoduel Quarterly history, including Mutant Zone, Ob Racing, and Hoverball.  Volume 7 would have been the best year of ADQ of all time had he not quit after issue three.  With his departure, ADQ entered its deplorable revolving editor phase… and Steve Jackson’s standards would soon take a very noticeable downturn in production quality and standards.  I feel like crying just looking at some of those later issues….

It appears that “CAO”, as he was known in ADQ&A, has had his hand in variety of tactical space combat games since his Car Wars days… even going so far as to publish a recent game that he calls Voidstriker.  Don’t confuse it with his other now-out-of-print game that came out in 1993… also called Voidstriker.  (Yeah… it looks like its hard to shake that twisted sense of humor you pick up working with Car Wars….)

Wow, it looks like CAO has done more than a couple space combat scenes:

Somebody buy this and let me know how it is!


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