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Jeffro’s Top 10 Axis & Allies Tactics for the New Edition

10. If you’re playing Great Britain and place an Industrial Complex on India, the Japanese will probably take it if you move your fleet away during your turn.  The fun of destroying the German fleet will be short lived: by the time America takes control of the now isolated Africa, Japan will dominate Asia and be breathing down the Russian’s necks!

9. If the enemy has Heavy Bombers, it’s a good idea to keep an Anti-Aircraft gun with each IC you own and also with each “clump” of infantry you’re pushing.  Letting your opponent get “free” bombing runs on an unprotected IC three turns in a row would not be a good idea.

8. If Germany has been reduced to an income of 10, it might be a good idea to go ahead use your heavy bombers to eliminate isolated Japanese navel units… and then bring them back to Germany only when you’re ready to deal the killing blow.  (Rocket attacks would probably be more cost effective at this point than to risk losing a couple of bombers over 1o IPC’s!)

7. If you attack and defeat a small enemy force near a larger enemy “clump,” you will certainly lose whatever survives the battle.  Tanks and artillery units lost this way will be difficult to replace.

6. Just because the Baltic Fleet sits still for 7 turns in a row, it doesn’t mean it can’t suddenly jump out and eat a few undefended transports every now and then!!

5. Follow the sequence of play religiously in order to prevent debate over what’s going on.

4. When rolling for technology, get a verbal agreement on what number counts as a success before you roll the dice.

3. The two or three isolated units of yours that are on the outskirts of the action would be a lot more useful if you remembered to move them a space or two each time its your turn.

2. Don’t forget to place the units you purchased at the beginning of your turn.

1. Don’t forget to collect your income!

Had a good game last night– a very bloody affair.  The battles in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa are all much more dynamic in the new system.  And it’s actually possible to get technology in the revised game.  The submarine rules finally make sense, the battleships do something, and the artillery gives infantry a killer offensive edge.

I traded Asia for Africa with a major blunder on my first turn as Great Britain.  This mistake was offset by the fact that Britain and America both picked up Heavy Bomber Technology on their first turns.  Russia concentrated their forces for a decisive attack on Germany destroying much of their armor and air power– even after losing many of their own heavy units piecemeal.  Heavy bomber runs reduced Germany’s production to zero for several turns while the Allies pushed the Germans back to their capital and while a small American force destroyed a German detachment in Africa.  Meanwhile, Japan picked up Heavy Bombers and expanded their fleet, taking Alaska in the process.

I called off the game after forgetting to place Great Britain’s units and collect its income.  I don’t know how that happened– I was tired, but I think maybe my opponent just started his turn before I was done.  I think we forgot about the rule capping the damage a Bomber can do against an IC, too….  Oh well.

My opponent is less than half my age… and I now can’t afford to make any stupid mistakes against him anymore.  He just won’t let me get away with things….


2 responses to “Jeffro’s Top 10 Axis & Allies Tactics for the New Edition

  1. Mike Rozos April 19, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    Hey, Jeffro, this is pretty good! I still have not picked up the very latest version. I’m still playing the second edition. Here today’s most recent:

    I think I’m about due for the newest version though. As far as Car Wars, it’s been years and years!


  2. Major Great Akoo May 30, 2009 at 3:07 pm

    Cool, but most are common sense. :D

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